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Property Record Card

Property Record Card consolidates your entire parcel and property details in a single place offering 'one stop shop' access for staff and citizens alike. Any data can be included to provide one source of reliable information. No more multiple websites and windows to access different sources of County information. Deeds, Permits, Sales, Ownership and more all in one place. Apply filters, select records using the map or do both.

Integrate Community, Comper or third party applications, such as Ortho-Photography, with Property Record Card to create a comprehensive knowledge hub for your County.

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Allow Citizens to update their data using the 'Editable' version. Find out more


  • Consolidates parcel information from multiple locations
  • Single resource for the office and citizen
  • Highly visual, easy to use and understand
  • Present parcel and neighbourhood information
  • Integrate with existing or third party applications
  • Fully customizable